Our team and strategic partners provide a full range of management, consulting, regulatory compliance and insurance structure development services.  We review your company’s needs and provide innovative ways to structure an insurance product that will meet the needs of your company.  We can develop insurance structures both domestically or off-shore depending on your needs.


Some of the Services we provide include:    

Initial Review/Development & On-going Management of Insurance Structures

Feasibility study and analysis

Analysis of current Captive/Alternative Risk/Insurance structure

Incorporate, register, and implementation of new and/or re-domesticated insured structures

Structure and Operate

Coordinate Service Providers:  Attorneys, Actuaries, financial and investment professionals, tax & audit professionals, TPA

   services, and Risk Management professionals

Arrange for Fronting & Reinsurance

Insurance Underwriting and policy issuance

Maintain Company books & records

Captive Management

Analysis of current Insurance Structures

Development/Management of Insurance Structures

Insurance Agency strategic development with alternative risk structures

Regulatory Compliance review of Insurance structures

AML review of Insurance structures

Structuring Insurance structures to meet Healthcare reimbursement requirements

Developed Insurance Structures:
Consulting Services-  Insurance Structures

Alternative Risk Structures:

  • Single Parent/Pure Captive

  • Group Captives

  • Cell Captives

  • Enterprise Risk Captives

  • Risk Retention Groups

  • Agency Captives

  • Association Captives

  • Employee Benefit/Stop-loss Captives

  • Surplus Lines Insurance Entities

  • Admitted Insurance Carriers

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